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Club History

The beginnings of basketball in Šentjur go back to the times immediately after the World War II. A group of local basketball fans placed two baskets at the grass football field and started playing. Later, after they covered the court behind Šentrjur Centre of Culture, they started playing in the Celje League.


Basketball club Šentjur was founded in 1969 as a section of TVD Partizan. Its first head coach was Leopold Škorjanc. In 1973 the team reached the second republic's league. During the 1980's the club was always close to making its way into the first republic's league, but always fell a bit short. After the players boycoted the second half of the game against Laško in 1990/91 season, the club got relegated into the lowest division. Slavko Pečenko was the man, who kept the basketball in Šentjur alive at these times and under his guidance the biggest rise of basketball in town began.


In 1994, the club reached Slovenian B League and a year later, it reached B-1 League. 1999, the 30th anniversary of the club was symbolical also in terms of a sporting milestone. In the 1999/2000 season the club qualified for the playoffs to enter the first Slovenian league and by beating Nova Gorica in the final, decisive game of the playoffs, it managed to qualify for the elite competition in its country. Since then, it has always been a part of the highest level of Slovenian club competitions.


Over the past several years, Tajfun has usually been one of the clubs, fighting for the highest positions in the championship in the League for the trophy and the biggest success in the club's history came in 2014/15 season, when its players lifted the Slovenian championship trophy and qualified for a spot in the ABA League.


In the season 2015/16 Tajfun won Slovenian Supercup and also competed in FIBA Europe Cup.

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